Sunday, July 30, 2023


so recently i have been working more with linux and i discovered tmux.

now i have heard of tmux ages ago but never really used it to is full potentioal until the other day.

its so easy to use and the fact all your sessions have their name down the bottom and can use diffrent colors.

you can even use the mouse to switch windows!

i have listed some basic key bindings below and a cheet sheet for you to download.

Enjoy :)


Basic tmux keybindings

Tmux provides several keybindings to execute commands quickly in a tmux session. Here are some of the most useful ones.

First, create a new tmux session if you're not already in one. You can name your session by passing the parameter -s {name} to the tmux new command when creating a new session:

$ tmux new -s Session1
  • Ctrl+B D — Detach from the current session.
  • Ctrl+B % — Split the window into two panes horizontally.
  • Ctrl+B " — Split the window into two panes vertically.
  • Ctrl+B Arrow Key (Left, Right, Up, Down) — Move between panes.
  • Ctrl+B X — Close pane.
  • Ctrl+B C — Create a new window.
  • Ctrl+B N or P — Move to the next or previous window.
  • Ctrl+B 0 (1,2...) — Move to a specific window by number.
  • Ctrl+B : — Enter the command line to type commands. Tab completion is available.
  • Ctrl+B ? — View all keybindings. Press Q to exit.
  • Ctrl+B W — Open a panel to navigate across windows in multiple sessions.

For additional keybindings, consult the tmux man pages.

tmux cheat sheet


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